Laban Brown Design is a creative Graphic Design & Web Design Agency based in Essex

Theme Park Press is the world's leading independent publisher of books about the Disney company, its history, films and animation, and its theme parks.

New York Publisher Theme Park Press new Logo Design

The happiest books on earth!

Laban Brown Design

Theme Park Press publish a steady flow of creatively driven titles written by Disney Legends, Disney animators and artists, Mouseketeers, Cast Members, historians, academics, executives and prominent bloggers.

Laban Brown Design

We have designed a varied mix of book covers that each blend illustration with themed typography to create attractive coffee table worthy books. You can find them on both the UK and US Amazon websites.

Book design / Illustration / Bespoke font creation

Actually judging a book by its cover

First impressions count and Theme Park Press understand the power of a well-designed book cover as it works as a salesman to its audience.

We create designs that communicate to the ideal demographic by understanding what they look for in a book and then weaving book covers that they adore.

Theme Park Press The Best of Disney's Animated Features Book Design
Creativity drives creativity and we were flying. Reflecting Disney magic is a high bar to reach but we delivered in spades with book cover designs that inspired readers and boosted sales.

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