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The ASA is the Governing Body for Aquatics in England and works alongside the Elite British Swimming, Diving, Synchro and Open Water Competition Teams.

1869 Amatuer Swimming Association Logo
The ASA Amateur Swimming Association new Brand Identity Design by Laban Brown Design

Far-reaching ripples

Laban Brown Design

We created an energetic new identity that not only reinforced what the ASA stood for in a clear voice but also repositioned the business to appeal to a broader audience and range of sponsors.

Laban Brown Design

The Amateur Swimming Association name and identity had remained since its establishment in 1869 and research showed that it no longer resonated with its audience.

A full branding exercise was undertaken and our new identity was developed to relaunch as the ASA with new branding, new thinking and a campaign of change across a vast range of external and internal touchpoints.

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