Laban Brown Design is a creative Graphic Design & Web Design Agency based in Essex

Telford Homes is one of London’s leading property developers who create high-quality Build to Rent developments across the capital.

Telford Homes celebrating 20 years Icon Design by Laban Brown Design

Developing ideas that work

Laban Brown Design

We work with the Telford Homes Marketing Department to create a wide range of Corporate Communications that help engage with both internal and external audiences.

Laban Brown Design

We understand that communication with stakeholders and purchasers in just the right way is important and our work reflects this through company overview brochure designs, strategic and land brochures, brand guidelines, internal digital newsletters and event branding to name just a few.

You can tell it's Telford...

Brand consistency is maintained using our updated Telford Homes' identity guidelines which cover all online and offline marketing touchpoints.

Telford Homes Brand Guidelines Design

We're an award-winning Graphic Design & Web Design Agency, based in Essex, England. We work with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to big brands and everything in-between.

The Cart Lodge
3 Oak Business Park
Wix Road, Beaumont
Essex CO16 0AT

Tel: 01255 870600
Email: ObscureMyEmail

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