Laban Brown Design is a creative Graphic Design & Web Design Agency based in Essex

Qantas Airlines is Australia's largest airline and the world's oldest operating airline.

Qantas Airlines the Largest Australian Airline Line

"Find yourself in Australia"

Laban Brown Design

Qantas Airlines required the design of a distinctive product sales brochure that would effectively communicate clearly and help sell their range of travel routes to a UK based audience.

Laban Brown Design

Our solution was a visually powerful design that was implemented across both printed and digital brochures and via a resource website design.

We also designed a bespoke brochure version for sales delivery through their holiday destination partner Qantas Holidays.

We're an award-winning Graphic Design & Web Design Agency, based in Essex, England. We work with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to big brands and everything in-between.

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