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Logo inspiration - do you DIY or go to a Pro?

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So you're looking to create a logo for your new business venture or perhaps you've decided a refresh and re-brand is needed.

Maybe you should do it yourself? Or do you ask a professional to design one for you? How difficult can it be right?

After all, you can always find something on Google…
Logo design - how difficult can it be?

Like most things in life sometimes the idea of doing something yourself seems better than reality.

Legal issue? Go to Google and they'll be a blog post that will look to give you the answers you are looking for. Your car has a problem with its breaks? Well, maybe not.

A great logo design is more than just its visual look. An icon with some text - that's easy. But is it? You'll easily find millions of
logo examples in a Google images search, those images have already been created for other businesses and use so while they can act as good inspiration, you won't find anything unique to help separate your business from another.

The fact is that having a unique identity gives you a business advantage. It's an asset and valuable so if your logo is the same as someone else then that's not going to be a good thing.

Now more than ever businesses, products and services are being judged on how they present themselves by their visual look alone. We're being spoilt by slick, sharp and engaging graphics across advertising, social channels and the web so if you're not looking good then it can directly affect your sales.

Your logo should reflect what you do and through the use of icons, font and colour, position your business perfectly in your competitor business space. Get those choices wrong and you'll be on the back foot from the start.

So where to start
If you really don't mind your logo design looking familiar or shared with other businesses then you could jump onto an image library like www. and purchase an icon. Add that to some text and bingo.

However, that chances are you will have chosen your logo based on personal preference rather than any marketing strategy. Of course you did, you just like what you like. But that's not how a distinctive logo or brand is born.

If you were to turn to a professional Graphic Designer or
Design Agency then you'd be buying into many years of experience in creating unique logo designs. A designer will be able to look at your business, where you want to position it (are you a Skoda or a Mercedes, a mouse or a lion?).

At Laban Brown, we typically create three design routes that serve to position your business where you think it should be, another that takes it further and a third concept that pushes you into a whole new way of thinking. You'd be surprised how many times the third option is chosen.

A professionally designed logo will be able to adapt and be applied across many uses without loss of integrity or meaning. That alone takes a level of thinking and understanding to ensure the design is flexible in the real world. Get it wrong and you're looking more unprofessional than your competitors.

It's not just a font

A bespoke logo might be made up of some clever typography that integrates seamlessly with a graphical element. You probably won't think to do that and are very unlikely to find anything on a stock library that will do that for you. The
FedEx logo is the perfect example of how clever use of type and image come together to create a unique design. You see the arrow in the EX, don't you?

Choosing the wrong typeface is easy. A great logo design can't rely on whatever fonts you have loaded on your computer. There are literally thousands of fonts available and each has personality and character that can add authenticity to a brand. Applying the right font is a skill in itself and comes from years or learning, research and compiling along with keeping up with any new and exciting fonts being introduced.

Some top tips for when you need a logo design

  • Compile a selection of logo examples you like the look of for reference and that you think position your business in the right space
  • Search royalty-free stock libraries online and buy something off the shelf
  • Google for a Logo Design Agency to help you, send a brief and get some costings
  • Contact us and we'll help create a unique logo and brand that will serve you well for years to come

Tried and tested
Designing your own logo might seem like the best route for you. It should be cheaper than using a professional but it could look cheaper too. A good designer should be competitively priced and come with a diverse portfolio that demonstrates that they can design logos and brands for businesses of all sizes and kinds. It doesn't matter what kind of business you have, they should understand how to present it in the best possible way through their design and business thinking.

Our own Design Agency has been designing
amazing logos and brands for over 25 years and can help you too. We'd be happy to chat about your requirements and give you an honest point of view on what steps we think will serve you. We're equally happy to point you in the direction of the best royalty-free stock libraries where you may be able to find something to suit your needs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Paul for a no-obligation chat. You can
email him using this link or call 01255 870600.
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