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Just how do you make your Brand authentic?

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If you have a good business or product then you'll already be on your way to developing your own authentic brand.

Quality, service and attention to detail go a long way in making your business something customers and clients like and feel good about.
Your brand. More than just a well designed logo (although that's important too).

Think of some of the best brands around today and you're likely to come up with the same list as most people. There's Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and the like amongst the standard top ten year on year.

All of theses businesses have a strong visual identity; a clear logo or brand mark, consistent messaging to their audience and of course a good product or service to round things off.

Their logos aren't groundbreaking, and in some instances are questionable in terms of design, but their brands are bigger than that. Apple for instance has positioned itself as a leader in smart tech. Easy to use, designed for everyone (assuming you can afford the high price point) and available everywhere including their high street stores.

Along came Apple
The Apple Store forms a large piece of its brand story. Visit a store anywhere in the world and you'll see the same visual design language, clearly displayed products and attentive, personable and friendly staff.

Steve Jobs knew exactly how to position the Apple Store both in terms of design aesthetics and layout but also experience. Fundamentally what they do in an Apple Store is sell tech but the brand experience is what makes them special.

Have a question about your iPhone? Drop by and a clever staff member will try to help. Not sure what laptop you need? Go hands-on and try a couple out for yourself - you're free to explore. People love all of this and it's what makes the Apple brand so strong and well-loved.


The real deal

There is a lot involved with developing a long-lasted and trusted brand. Importantly your logo should be designed to reflect your business and not just be a generic icon or text.

There are lots of places you can pick up an off the shelf logo these days. Image libraries such as
iStock or low-cost design services like Fiverr can give you a visual icon quickly that you could use as your logo. But of course, that's not going to help you in developing a unique and authentic brand, is it?

If you are using a generic logo that has no meaning for your business then sadly you are already on the back foot. A logo needs to be designed for purpose, have meaning and should be developed with a broad range of applications in mind.

For instance, the current Apple logo is simple clean, purposeful and playful. Did you know that the bite out of the side was a nerdy tech reference to a computer byte? It doesn't matter if you knew about the byte idea or not, that's just a bit of clever thinking that helps build on the authenticity of the brand as a whole.

When you see the Apple logo it will have been applied using a set of clear guidelines that protect how it is presented. You're going to see that logo applied in the same way globally because they know how important their brand is.

So now what?
In reality, there are hundreds of thousands of logos out there which have not been designed for the business that they represent. Generic, off the shelf, is a money saver but at what cost?

If you are serious about wanting to develop a brand for your business that has genuine value then you really need to speak with a Design Agency who have years of experience in creating a unique logo and brand designs. It's an investment in your businesse's future; an investment no less important than the product or service you provide to your customers. You want the best for them right? It's what's going to put you ahead of your competition.

Some top tips for developing your brand

  • Research what other businesses are doing in your space - they can help establish an understanding of what's already working
  • Don't turn to stock libraries or cheap logo design services - your business is worth more than that
  • Google for a Logo and Brand Design Agency to help you, send a brief and get some costings
  • Contact us and we'll help create a unique logo and brand that will serve you well for years to come

Where to start
There are lots of Design Agencies who will be able to help you in the development of your brand design. Here at Laban Brown we do of course do just that. We've been creating unique brands for over 25 years for businesses of all sizes.

We've worked on global brands like Adecco Recruitment, Qantas Airlines and Disney to smaller businesses and start-ups of all kinds. You can check out some of the brands we've created
in our portfolio here.

Whether a start-up or established business, your brand is such an important part of your business that it should be treated with care and attention. It's simply what makes the difference.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Paul for a no-obligation chat. You can
email him using this link or call 01255 870600.

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