Laban Brown Design is a creative Graphic Design & Web Design Agency based in Essex

Tips for choosing a Web Design Agency in Essex

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It's that time. You know you need a new website but how do you go about it?

You may have a website but are finding that it's out of date and slow to load or you could be a business start-up who doesn't have a site at all yet.

There are a few options you can consider but which one is going to work best for you?

Logo inspiration - do you DIY or go to a Pro?

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So you're looking to create a logo for your new business venture or perhaps you've decided a refresh and rebrand is needed.

Maybe you should do it yourself? Or do you ask a professional to design one for you? How difficult can it be right?

After all, you can always find something on Google…

Just how do you make your Brand authentic?

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You have a brand - or do you really?

A brand is much more than a logo, a font or a colour. It's easy to confuse a logo with a brand. Nike's tick = the Nike logo. How you feel about Nike and its products = the Nike brand.

So just how can you make your brand authentic, genuine and likeable. It all starts with you.

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